Central portugal Exchange  -  Exchange information, services, anything you like
Train Times - Timetable is in english look for the flag at the top of the website
Coach Times - The coach timetable, but in Portuguese - use babel fish to translate
Exchange and mart- This is the portuguese equivalent of loot /exchange and mart
Babel fish  - Online translation, very handy little tool
Ticket Line  - Good place to buy tickets for gigs, concerts,plays in portugal
Festivals  - Info about main festivals in portugal
Castelo Branco  - Information on the Castelo Branco region - look for english translation link at top of page in small writing
Expats Forum  - Good forum for contacting people living in portugal
Flo's Favourites
Soundit  - Good place for sound and lighting equipment for cafes bars and small clubs, reasonable prices, will post to portugal
CPC  - All things electronic
obsolete  - 120 years of electronic music
A J Designer  - Speaker design software
ALD  - Association of lighting designers
Backstage world  - All things back stage
Microphones  - Good info about microphones, how they work etc etc
speakerplans - All things speakers. speaker fest
Compressors and Limiters  - Page for basic info
Google Moon  - Lunar landing sites
F1  - Flos favourite sport
Yaz's Handbag
Dom Stevens - Personal friend whos animations and art work i really like
Offplan 3d  - Doms site for animation projects
Chaos Illuminations  - Psychedelic lightshows/ hawkwind
Hawkwind  - Psychedelic rock gods :-)
Tweakhedz  - Good for all kinds of basic info about sound recording
Projector Central-Projector calculator
Full Moon Festival  - Really nice electronic festival in Germany
Boom Festival   - Electronic arts and culture festival in portugal
audioaddictz - Funky new psytrance and chillout portal. Complete with radio staion  & live chatbox
trancemoon - psychedelic trance radio and record



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