We are able to create  your own multisensory space for permenant installations such as

relaxation rooms, massage therapy rooms, meditation spaces.

Alternatively we can create the space for one off events such as

wedding, parties, holistic gatherings.

please contact us for details or read more to understand the background to these creations.

Some years ago I (yaz) was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis   . This is a neurological disorder which affects the external muscles of the body. During the initial stages of the treatment I found it very difficult to move. Even the simplest of tasks were hard work. During this time I spent alot of time in bed. Hours of pointless tv can soon rot the brain and lead to depression and stress.

multisensory_1Flo saw my predicament and decided to install some of our lighting equipment, decor and stereo into the bedroom. This gave me something else to focus on, changing the the bedroom from a sick room into a beautiful relaxation room.

He then moved things further and installed my computer into the bedroom, hooked it up to the Television and the stereo, I bought Arkaos VJ ... Voila! i was able to mix music and visuals. I had control over my environment.

ih_aromatherapy1As my mood lifted, so did the energy in the house. My daughter (then aged 12) began to get involved. she would bring me flowers, that she found on her way back from school. On her shopping trips to Sheffield she found LUSH. and would bring me lovey scented soaps.

 I began experimenting with Aromatherapy, and soon found that different smells could affect your mood. For me lemon thyme & eucalyptus would make me feel brighter and more energetic, whilst lavender and fushia made me feel more relaxed.

As the treatment began working and the new positive outllook, i began to accept my condition. Instead of mourning the old me i began to learn about the new me. I felt more confident about contact with people on a mental and physical level. I am now living a productive life within the limits of the condition. Together Flo and I have created Floroworld, life now has meaning and direction.



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